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Pocztowka po angielsku z Polski- Pilne

angielsku pilne pocztowka polski

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#1 aneczka333



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Napisano 18 kwiecień 2010 - 11:00

W pocztowce ma zawierac :

-Where you are staying and your opinion of it.
-The weather

Dzieki z gory.
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#2 azzkickr



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Napisano 25 czerwiec 2010 - 05:56

Hi there, mate...
Greetings from Dominican Republic! Damn... This was supposed to be holidays of my life! More like a nightmare...
The hotel receptionist is full of crap, he won't do anything about the rats in my number! And they are seriously an issue since Bob disappeared... Weather is just unbearable. 90% humidity... No damn oxygen. I was happy for a moment when it started to rain in the lunch time. But then after, like, 10 minutes - all the water that came down started to make it's way up by evaporating. A bloody nightmare, mate...
So what are we up to? Well, we're hunting rats and various insects most of the time... And, we're looking for Bob that went missing when searching for Steve...

Somebody get me out of here!

Cheers mate,
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